Following years of building with pipes, from coffee tables, desks, book cases to pot racks and curtain rods, we built a reclaimed wood dining table and bench with pipe legs. An appropriate lighting fixture had to be found to complement the table. 

Founded in 2014, Lost Foundries began simply as a personal home project to create an incredible lighting piece that would warm our space and become a center piece of discussion in our dining room. After sharing the completed project with some friends, a couple voiced their desire for a piece of their own. 

We began experimenting with different types of lamp sockets and electrical cord to find the styles that would complement each other. We played with how the pipes could connect to create new styles and looks. We tried different mounting styles to figure out a mounting piece that would keep the industrial aesthetic.

Motivated to continue creating lighting fixtures and installations, a line of chandeliers was developed. Inspired by early machine age design, we researched designs and designers of the period. We asked a good friend to design a logo that could live in a bygone era but with a modern twist, much like our products. The use of "Edison" bulbs created a warm glow that lit our long nights of work like candlelight. 

Brass became a big part of what we wanted to develop. The feminine nature of the metal juxtaposed the masculine nature of pipe. It  opened up a new world of materials, colors and options.  

We look forward to continued growth and development. We hope you allow us to create something special for you.