Our Team

Alexander Herrin


Creating everything from desks to bookshelves, even pot racks out of pipe, Alex naturally transitioned to light fixtures. With a long background in building and wiring, he takes great pride in each of his creations and hopes you will find extreme joy in the beauty these industrial pieces bring into your space.

 Kristy    Herrin


Assisting with the designs, Kristy enjoys basking in the glow that her visions create. When not chasing the other employees around, Kristy ensures that all your orders are packaged with the utmost care. 

Penelope Herrin


Ensuring the workplace stays free from negativity and any foul language, Penny brings joy and laughter throughout the workplace. She also guarantees that all breaks and meals are promptly taken.

Theodore Herrin


Taking it upon himself to make certain that each piece of pipe meets the highest standards, Teddy can be found banging on pipes throughout the work space and occasionally taste testing to ensure that all products have the same quality you have come to expect from us.