Lost Foundries

Lost somewhere between the past of the machine age, the present of modern industrial design, and the future of personalized design, Lost Foundries brings you unique conversation pieces that will fill your space with a warm glow.

Each piece is handcrafted with incredible care and precision just for you and is certain to bring you delight.

More custom options are coming soon, but feel free to contact us about any questions, suggestions, or designs you'd like to see. 

Unique Contrast

Crafting new designs and bold looks from common pipe, then pairing it with the vintage appeal of twisted cloth cord, our fixtures have a playful contrast that will look great in your space.

Black powder coated lamp socket.jpg

Lamp Sockets

We use high quality vintage inspired lamp sockets with matching metal strain reliefs, which pair handsomely with twisted cloth cord and complement the pipe.

Ceiling Mount.jpg

Flange Mounted

Carrying the design of the pipe from top to bottom of the fixture, our unique flange mount will attach to any 4" outlet box. We can modify mounts for use on any 3.5" outlet box. Let us know upon purchase which mount fits your needs. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.